Acupuncture for Pain Management

For over 3,000 years, Chinese medicine has treated pain and honed its skills in eliminating chronic pain. Western medicine is now recognising how incredibly effective acupuncture and Chinese medicine is in treating pain, naturally without the need for drugs. Acupuncture for pain management and relief is extremely effective with proven results.

If you have chronic pain you will know how debilitating, exhausting and emotionally challenging it is.

We provide a highly comprehensive and integrated approach to treating pain with acupuncture and Chinese herbs if needed.

How Acupuncture Works

Chronic pain is debilitating and incredibly frustrating for the sufferer. It can stem from injury, neurological, arthritis, infection and a range of other causes.

The body’s pain pathway works by nerves registering pain at the site of the problem, sending a signal to the brain and the brain sending the repair crew (blood) and natural painkillers (hormones like enkephalins) to the site to reduce pain and fix the problem. After a while (around 3 months), if the problem is not fixed, the brain stops sending the repair crew and painkillers to the area – so we get stuck in this chronic pain cycle and can’t get out of it. Acupuncture is unique in its ability to kick-start this process straight away by increasing the signal strength of the nerves to the brain and often the patient feels sudden and dramatic pain relief within seconds of receiving the acupuncture.

Often there is no structural reason for the pain. Scans reveal no problems, so Western medicine doesn’t know how to treat it. Acupuncture can often help in these cases.

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