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Back Pain

Back Pain

I have been treating lower back pain with acupuncture for some time now with great success. Are you a person with a niggling lower back pain?. You can be a Mum carrying your baby on your hip or a person sitting in a chair all day at work, or a hard physical worker.

Whatever you do if you experience lower back pain come and see me. I will make it very affordable for you, so no reason not to do something about your back today, before it gets even worse.

The treatment will take 30 min. You can either have a single treatment for $ 50.00 or buy a pack of 5 treatments for $200.00 to be paid upfront.

So if you have a niggling chronic pain you can come and see me two or three times a week for best results, without costing you an arm and a leg. It also makes it very affordable if you have no privat e health fund. Make an effort and give it a try.

What are you waiting for give it a go you might be surprised.
Please call Peter at 0411577620

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