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Sport and Anxiety

Playing sports, from a Chinese medicine point of view, is a great way to help move liver qi. When you have inner nervousness and anxiety, your liver energy is blocked. In order to free the flow of energy some people use cigarettes or alcohol to release this energy. A healthier way to unblock qi is to do sports.

Any sport is appropriate, as long as you get your pulse raised and you get some clean air to fill your lungs and beside all that it needs to be fun. If you feel fantastic after a run, bicycle ride or a swim then you have freed up this blocked energy, you will feel calmer and more able to focus. If you are exhausted after an activity then your body is deficient in energy and you should only go half as hard to build up some fitness, or focus on deep breathing exercises to start with.

If all that doesn’t appeal to you, having Acupuncture on a regular basis is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. Make a booking and find out for yourself.


Anxiety is like a mosquito in the dark. It is a fear shadow. It is only manufactured by your Imagination. It is no more real than a reflection of your own fears created by dwelling on the past. Instead learn from the negative experiences from the past and live as present in the Now as you can. The roots of the past are the Teachers for the future. If learned the right way you can create the future instead of it robing you.


If you are feeling stressed and and out of sorts acupuncture and Herbal formulas  to support the physical body is a great way to start your healing.  The goal is to increase your energy, so your body can process the symptoms caused by stress and anxiety. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we understand that the organ systems must function in harmony in order to achieve balance in the body. The Liver is responsible for processing the flow of energy and emotion. In addition, the Kidneys are related to fear, the Spleen is related to over-thinking and worry. These are the main organs  involved in stress and anxiety symptoms. By treating these three organs together, the body is strengthened and can more easily deal with anxiety and stress symptoms. A few acupuncture treatments and Herbal formulas help to accomplish this.

If you suffer from anxiety however you have to go to the root cause. You have to be willing to change from the inside-out. You have to change the way you see things and react to situations . That requires meditation, a vision change, a change in perspective, so that you  can see things in a different way. Good things are not always good and bad things are not always bad. Nothing is all black or all white. Unless you can change in this way, you will always suffer from  anxiety.
By meditating every day, you will grow deeper. You will change your mind, you will calm your mind. You will get closer to your soul. So little by little, you will change from the inside. That is the only way to treat the root cause of anxiety.

Back Pain

Back Pain

I have been treating lower back pain with acupuncture for some time now with great success. Are you a person with a niggling lower back pain?. You can be a Mum carrying your baby on your hip or a person sitting in a chair all day at work, or a hard physical worker.

Whatever you do if you experience lower back pain come and see me. I will make it very affordable for you, so no reason not to do something about your back today, before it gets even worse.

The treatment will take 30 min. You can either have a single treatment for $ 50.00 or buy a pack of 5 treatments for $200.00 to be paid upfront.

So if you have a niggling chronic pain you can come and see me two or three times a week for best results, without costing you an arm and a leg. It also makes it very affordable if you have no privat e health fund. Make an effort and give it a try.

What are you waiting for give it a go you might be surprised.
Please call Peter at 0411577620

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